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We provide PV system permit plans and drawings for residential and commercial solar system installations

We help contractors and owner-builders with solar permitting process. We specialize in designing residential roof or ground mounted solar power system plans for permit approval process at your city or county building office. With over 3000 successful permits issued in Southern California, we are confident that we can help you get your permit approved promptly so you can start the installation right away.

Standard turnaround is 2-3 business days.
24 hour turnaround available.
Pricing depends on a type and size of pv system, please contact us for details.

We will provide a complete Permit Package including:

– Site plan with panel and equipment layout
– Roof structure drawing
– Attachment drawing
– Single line diagram drawing
– System voltage and amperage calculations
– Wire minimum ampacity calculation
– Customized labels and labeling instructions
– Dead load calculation

Most jurisdictions now allow for online permit application submittal so we can apply for a permit on your behalf. When online submittal is not available we will email you a complete, ready to print PDF file or mail you a printed copy that you can submit at your local building department. Any additional revisions are included in the original project fee.

Complete our Project Form or Email Us details about your project.

Explore the List of the cities where our permit packages got successfully approved by a local building department


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